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Kids Boot Camp - Parkside Middle School Bromsgrove Girls

Kids Kick Start Boot Camp is a fun, active and educational way to increase the importance of Health and Fitness.

Working with all ages in schools around the Midlands area we turn exercise and nutrition into subjects that the pupils want to learn more about.

Who'd have thought you'd be laughing and joking when exercising?

Every school we have been to the teachers will always inform us that they are a few pupils that just don't enjoy exercise. Yet when they see the camouflage nets, space hoppers and other forms of equipment they are astounded by their enthusiasm, knowledge and love for the exercises.

Let's keep exercise fun for children and young people and keep that element of competition there too.

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With sessions from 20 minutes to 60 minutes we can have you working harder achieving more results than ever before and freeing up your evenings and spare time, with Boot Camp To You
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Kids Boot Camp
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